Introducing Our New Marking and Social-Media Intern: Aradhita Saraf!


Hi there! This is Aradhita here. I am the marketing and social-media intern in David Fox’s photography team and this here is a blog post introducing myself and my internship.

The one question I always ask people, when I meet them for first time is what they’d spend their time doing if money weren’t of any concern to them. Usually the initial list of “travel the world,” “shop,” “eat seven-course meals” is exhaustive, and when I still keep prodding them with an, “and what else?” they get down to realizing what I really am hoping to hear – following their passion. And that’s what most people forget and run over with their fast-paced lives, racing towards the victory line marked by pots of gold.

Speaking about my own passions – I have been fervent about writing for as long as I can remember. I first began when I entered grade two by writing out adaptions of all my other favorite Enid Blyton stories. I would spend all my time adding to the collection of these stories and designing this book with carefully picked bright crayons. Since I was absolutely ignorant about copyrights, I had titled it Aradhita’s Short Stories. I look back to the advent of my passionate journey as a writer and realize how it started off by me being a proud plagiarist. Words, well written, have the power to take control of me, sit me on a teleporting machine and have me walk through the mustard fields of Kashmir or glide in a hot air balloon over Turkey, all while sipping hot cocoa, pen in hand, in one corner of my room. Continue reading