A Summer Winter Wonderland

All that we desired was a break from the scorching June sun and to step into a Winter Wonderland. And the House of Blues read our minds. A snow making machine sprinkling some winter love, an artistically carved snowflake ice sculpture by the Brookline Ice Company, a reindeer shimmering with silvered mirrors and an inflated snow globe–and the world, for two whole hours, had become a photographer’s utopia. The House of Blues had organized this open-house party to thank all of their clients with a night full of fun, food and drink. We were invited to document this incredible party by our friends at the House of Blues, Boston.

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The Horizon Where Work Meets Passion

Boston Skyline By AradhitaHaving spent the past three years walking the quiet lanes of Amherst, I was thrilled to experience life in Boston with it’s eighty-four sub-districts, squares and neighborhoods. I thank David and Elyssa for providing me with the opportunity to do so. While the city of Boston opened up its massive doors to majestic harbors, concrete towers bustling with life, and the rolling green of public parks, this internship welcomed me to the world of photography – making me look at the world through my mind’s lens.

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David and Elyssa discuss what it is like to have a new intern on board. Aradhita’s been on their team for quite some time now as a Marketing and Social Media Intern and they’re very excited about it. They discuss the entire process of how they brought on an intern to join their team. They answer some questions of – why and when they realized they needed another helping hand , how they went about finding the perfect person and last but not the least what they think one should provide to the intern to ensure them a nurturing work experience.

David also briefly discusses his participation in the ’37 Photographers / One Model’ gallery show at the Griffin Museum of Photography and promises to bring in some photographers and industry people to interview in the future podcasts. So keep tuning in to gain an insight in the world of Photography and Business. Reviews and ratings, are as usual, much appreciated.

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Sales and Marketing

In this episode, David and Elyssa gives us an insight into the secret of their sales and marketing success. David built his foundation with guidance from the Sandler Training  and further developed it to fit his own business strategies. To list a few, David talks of ways in which he differentiates himself by conveying his strengths to his targeted audience, bringing on a new intern to help promote web and social media content and most importantly being responsive to his interested clients. Together Elyssa and David, package all the vital marketing elements one requires to be a successful photographer in today’s competitive world. 

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Indulging in Ice Cream in the Name of Charity!


I was transported back to my five year old-self, starry-eyed and watering-mouth, when I walked into Boston’s City Hall Plaza, on June 9th. I was about to step into the Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl – the nation’s largest all-you-can-eat-ice cream festival – and since the whole idea of having access to an infinite number of various flavored ice cream scoops, was new to me, I was sailing swiftly on cloud nine.

We pushed our way through the sea of surging crowd of adults and children alike – all resembling five-year olds with sticky hands and smiling faces – to where the ice-cream stands were lined up. Baskin Robbins, all dressed in pink and white was offering the exquisite flavors of Wild ‘n Reckless Sherbet, Cookie Jar Mashup, Caramel Turtle Truffle and Vanilla Pomegranate Parfait Frozen Yogurt. And I had to choose one. One, of all the other enticing flavors calling out to me. One, because there were a dozen other ice-cream stands waiting with open arms. One, because unfortunately, I have the appetite of a sparrow. The Cookie Jar Mashup, won me over with it’s promise to be as crunchy as creamy.

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Vacations-What gear to take and how long should you go

David and Elyssa excitedly discuss what vacations mean to them – and more importantly talk about the very important process of photographing the memories these vacations have to offer. While David contemplates on the pros and cons of choosing between a four-day or a ten-day vacation, Elyssa shares some photography tactics that she plans to use while in Sunny Florida. It is also interesting to note their talk of how camera gear changes with place, time, light and subject! Together they introduce us to some wonderful photography hacks, answer typical questions of, “What gear should I carry?” and await all the vacations that beckon them!

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