Reflections on A Summer Internship

By Aradhita Saraf


I rang the bell of the Brookline office early this April with hands stuffed in my pockets to hide my jittery nervousness. I was going in for an internship interview with David Fox and Elyssa Conley and it wasn’t just any internship – it was one that was tailor made for me. I left them with a beaming smile and with hopes to come back and join them in their fun. The next three months were a whirlwind of new experiences and opportunities that lifted me off my feet with joy.

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A Day at the Studio

Aradhita SarafI had the opportunity to visit David Fox Photographer’s studio back in July and it proved to be an eye-opening experience for me. My Uber dropped me in front of a large mill-like structure. I looked up at the massive building.

The Bancroft building opened its huge glass doors to graffiti-painted walls and rugged wooden stairwells. As I helped Elyssa pull up and push down the doors of the freight elevator with a coarse rope, I realized how technology has advanced in the past century. I later learnt that the building was on it’s 106th year and had been used by a shoe company, car manufacturer and an apparel producer, before artists and photographers like David made it their home.

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David takes some time out of his busy schedule to create his own mini photo-workshops with his newly acquired and much awaited 4 x 5 camera. He also shares the the thought-process of pre-visualizing an image before making one. This is also the last podcast with Dita before she leaves for the rest of the summer, so listen on to share some summer fun with the three of them.

Elyssa and Dita Interview David

David, Elyssa and Aradhita (Dita) catch up after a busy summer. David’s been a blur – running around photographing client events whereas Elyssa and Dita have been working hard behind the scenes with social media and blogging! “What’s in your bag, David?” Elyssa and Dita quiz David on his favorite and most unusual jobs, his secret to success, his work philosophy and some technical questions on photography. This podcast is full of great information and tips from David. Listen in and comment with your tips to our endless list of how to have fun with photography! This is the first of a two part series, hope you enjoy listening to them both as much as we enjoyed recording them.