Interview with Mike Ritter, president of ASMP New England

Mike Ritter president of ASMP New England
Mike Ritter, president of ASMP New England

We are very excited to bring you this podcast interview with Mike Ritter, president of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) New England Chapter.

If you are studying photography in school, are just starting out as a photographer or even if you are a seasoned pro, you need to listen to this podcast.

Mike gives his insight on a number of different topics related to the business of photography: He talks about his personal project and why it’s important to have one. What he learned from ASMP when he was just starting out about 12 years ago and how that helped his career and even where he sees the future of photography going.

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Interview with Alan Kidawski

Alan Kidawski
Alan Kidawski

This is the first episode in our new interview series.  Alan Kidawski is a native Bostonian and photographer with many years of experience in various genres.  He got his start in the 1960’s as a photojournalist working for his town and school newspapers.  He is experienced in wedding, commercial advertising, industrial and architectural photography, and has been involved in some very unique projects.

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A Special Podcast Announcement!

Podcast announcement regarding: Photography and Business Insight-What it Takes to be Successful.
Podcast announcement regarding: Photography and Business Insight-What it Takes to be Successful.

Greetings, from the studio of David Fox, Photographer.  We have a special podcast announcement regarding:  Photography and Business Insight-What it Takes to be Successful.  We decided to shake things up here and bring in some special guests to interview.  We have some photographers lined up who will share their insights into the business of photography.  We will get the point of view of seasoned photographers as well as some who are newer to the business.  We will also gain insight from a businessperson who will discuss the process that their company went though in choosing a photographer.   This diverse group of people will be sharing fantastic tips and insights on how they got started in the business, what they do to stand out, and the ways in which they give back to the community.  We are really excited to share this insight, so subscribe now to be sure to get the newest podcast episode.

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Behind the Scene-David in Action

We had the opportunity to photograph for one of our favorite repeat clients, the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants When one of their members is going to be featured for their magazine, we have the pleasure of making their portrait.  Our client was so happy, they took photos of David in action so we could share!

David in Action-Creating a headshot

David in Action-Showing client his image







Thanks to Stephen Burdick of MSCPA for these great images!

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