Behind the Scene-David in Action

We had the opportunity to photograph for one of our favorite repeat clients, the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants When one of their members is going to be featured for their magazine, we have the pleasure of making their portrait.  Our client was so happy, they took photos of David in action so we could share!

David in Action-Creating a headshot

David in Action-Showing client his image







Thanks to Stephen Burdick of MSCPA for these great images!

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Flu Season is here!

dont-think-of-it-as-getting-a-flu-shot-think-of-1126Besides being David’s wife and business partner, Greta is also a nurse practitioner, with some words of advice for our friends and colleagues:

As Event Professionals, we work with the public, we travel, we push ourselves – and we get run-down. It’s a perfect storm for catching and spreading the flu. It’s no fun, and it’s costly too! If you’re pregnant, asthmatic, or diabetic, the flu is even more serious.

So, get vaccinated. The flu shot cannot give you the flu. Some people do get sick after getting the vaccine – but that’s because they get it during cold and flu season, and it can take 2 weeks for it to take effect, so, the sooner, the better! Available at your doctors office or at participating pharmacies.

Other things you can do:

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Outdoor Family Portrait Session

I had the pleasure of photographing the Briggs family at Farm Pond, near my studio this past Saturday. This was a treat since I had photographed Rena and Erik’s engagement and wedding a few years ago. Now their family has grown and includes their beautiful daughter, Makenzie who was full of smiles. I was able to make some great, fun images of the family on a crisp, fall day.

Fall is a great season for an outdoor family portrait with the autumn colors and cooler weather. As much as I love working in the studio, I often suggest an outdoor location. It could be in your yard, a favorite family location like a park or the beach, the Boston Common, the Public Garden, or along the Charles. You can even bring your dog!

I like to capture the day and include a variety of images. Along with the posed family group photos, I enjoy capturing the fun family moments. A kiss on the cheek, your family walking together hand in hand and having fun together.

Call soon to schedule your family portrait session while fall foliage is at its peak.

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Expanding Your Vision: Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone as a Photographer

In this episode, David and Elyssa discuss stepping out of their comfort zone by trying a new genre of photography and how this adds value to their everyday work.  

David has photographed the nude human form many times in workshops over the years, however this was Elyssa’s first time working in this genre. Elyssa talks about her experience and what she learned from feedback she received from the fine-art photography group she belongs to: New England Light Painters (website) in an image review night.

David’s ventured out on his own to photograph the human form in his studio as a way to practice.  He opens up and discusses these experiences and how he applies what he’s learned to his everyday work.

Tune in and learn David’s recommendations for photographing the human form. Step out of your comfort zone and photograph something completely different than your usual genre and expand your vision.  

More of David’s Fine-Art Human Form images can be seen Here

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Photographed using the inverse square law of light
Photographed using the inverse square law of light

Rebecca by Elyssa Conley Photography

Reflections on A Summer Internship

By Aradhita Saraf


I rang the bell of the Brookline office early this April with hands stuffed in my pockets to hide my jittery nervousness. I was going in for an internship interview with David Fox and Elyssa Conley and it wasn’t just any internship – it was one that was tailor made for me. I left them with a beaming smile and with hopes to come back and join them in their fun. The next three months were a whirlwind of new experiences and opportunities that lifted me off my feet with joy.

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A Day at the Studio

Aradhita SarafI had the opportunity to visit David Fox Photographer’s studio back in July and it proved to be an eye-opening experience for me. My Uber dropped me in front of a large mill-like structure. I looked up at the massive building.

The Bancroft building opened its huge glass doors to graffiti-painted walls and rugged wooden stairwells. As I helped Elyssa pull up and push down the doors of the freight elevator with a coarse rope, I realized how technology has advanced in the past century. I later learnt that the building was on it’s 106th year and had been used by a shoe company, car manufacturer and an apparel producer, before artists and photographers like David made it their home.

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Battery Wharf Hotel Summer Party

The client event at Battery Wharf Hotel complimented the beautiful summer evening. We were honored to have been invited to the event along with many other vendors, some of who were- Czerlonka EDM, Exhale Spa and AFR Event Furnishing. All in all, the guests were an incredible group of 150 people comprised of industry professionals who had worked with Battery Wharf Hotel in the past and were now coming together to celebrate.

We were photographing the event, as guests were taking tours of the hotel and feasting on the scrumptious meal laid out by Aragosta Bar and Bistro < (the restaurant in the Battery Wharf Hotel). It was a pleasure to photograph the models, from the fashion agency at Christina K Pierce, in their brightly colored summer dresses to the groups that gathered together in front of the ‘step and repeat’ set up.

The best compliments Battery Wharf’s Catering Sales Manager, Molly Jackson, received on the organization of the evening were “Let me begin by telling you how nice this event was. Everything was absolutely PERFECT!!! The drinks and the ‘coastal cuisine” were fantastic. Those appetizers were delicious, as was the atmosphere, and the location. I brought a guest with me, and she commented on just how nice the location is, and she plans on bringing her friends to your restaurant for dinner sometime this summer. Her comment to me was: ‘….If the appetizers are this good, can you imagine how wonderful the entrees must be’…“.

A big thank you to Battery Wharf Hotel for a delightful evening by Boston’s Harbourside and to LMV Productions, for shooting this video of David in one of his favorite places to be–behind the camera.

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Interview with our Intern Aradhita

For this podcast, David and Elyssa interview Aradhita, their social media and marketing intern! They discuss how having an intern has positively impacted them and how the internship has helped develop Aradhita’s skill set. Aradhita tells us a little bit about herself (more of which can be read in her blog post – HERE). She talks about why she chose to do this internship and what her expectations are from the time she spends with David and Elyssa.

Listen in to learn more about the exciting ideas Elyssa and Dhita have planned out for rest of the summer, because it never is all work and no play in David Fox Photographer’s team!

This is also one of their shorter podcasts – as they’re trying out a new format. Feedback is most appreciated! Please feel free to comment or email at Don’t forget to check out their WEBSITE!

Happy shooting!

A Summer Winter Wonderland

All that we desired was a break from the scorching June sun and to step into a Winter Wonderland. And the House of Blues read our minds. A snow making machine sprinkling some winter love, an artistically carved snowflake ice sculpture by the Brookline Ice Company, a reindeer shimmering with silvered mirrors and an inflated snow globe–and the world, for two whole hours, had become a photographer’s utopia. The House of Blues had organized this open-house party to thank all of their clients with a night full of fun, food and drink. We were invited to document this incredible party by our friends at the House of Blues, Boston.

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The Horizon Where Work Meets Passion

Boston Skyline By AradhitaHaving spent the past three years walking the quiet lanes of Amherst, I was thrilled to experience life in Boston with it’s eighty-four sub-districts, squares and neighborhoods. I thank David and Elyssa for providing me with the opportunity to do so. While the city of Boston opened up its massive doors to majestic harbors, concrete towers bustling with life, and the rolling green of public parks, this internship welcomed me to the world of photography – making me look at the world through my mind’s lens.

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