Where’s Hope? Video Release on YouTube

We have some exciting news! The Where’s Hope? video we created for the Inn at Longwood Medical is now live on YouTube. This was a really, fun team project that was quite different from our typical documentary video style.  It is based on a delightful poem written by Gayle Sinclair, Director of Sales and Marketing.  Gayle along with Karyn Biancuzzo, Director of Catering turned to us to help bring this story to life.  The Where’s Hope?  video is based on a Seuss-style herpes pictures poem that tells the tale of a bear named Hope (the Inn at Longwood’s mascot) who travels to Boston “where the doctors are awesome” and takes in some great sightseeing.  She visits Fenway Park, rides on the Swanboats and has many other great adventures along the way.  It’s an adorable, kid-friendly video- enjoy!