Food Photography for our Long-Term Client at the Inn at Longwood Medical

Hope with her favorite lunch Fish Tacos
Hope with her favorite lunch, Fish Tacos!

David, Allie and I met at the Longwood Grille + Bar to create some great food photography for our friend and long-term client, Gayle Sinclair. It was great to get out of the office and get over to the Inn at Longwood Medical again.

David met Gayle, the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Mass Lodging Association a number of years ago. We created and produced the Where’s Hope video story about the Inn’s mascot, a bear named Hope. Gayle has also called on us to photograph rooms at the Inn at Longwood Medical. We were very happy when she contacted us to do some food photography for the restaurant the Longwood Grille + Bar.

Allie Setting Up the Lights
Allie setting up the lights for the food photography

David and Allie quickly created a mini studio in the conference room where we would be working. Gayle and I went over the new food items on their menu, then we met with the Chef to get her input. Chef Dianna knew exactly which dishes were most popular and wanted enticing photographs of the new food items.

The first item to photograph was the vegetarian chili. When it’s prepared to serve, it is covered in cheese which looks delicious, but it also can resemble French onion soup, and we wanted a distinctive image. A suggestion was made to use less cheese to show the assortment of veggies, but there was some concern that it should look the way it does when it is served. We decided to photograph it both ways, and our client will make the final decision.

chili is made with a lot of cheese on top
The chili is made with a lot of cheese on top
Chili Less Cheese More Veggies
Chili with less cheese shows more of the different veggies

The next challenge we ran into was with the marinara sauce for the Fried Mozzarella. The sauce separates around the edges, so we had to photograph it quickly. We also decided that it needed a little more green, so we added a little extra basil on top. Just adding a little extra green really pops the colors!

David Styling the Mozzarella
David styling the fried mozzarella with a brush
Fried Mozzarella with basil and Marinara sauce
Fried Mozzarella with basil and Marinara sauce

Hope the Bear stopped by for her favorite new lunch dish, the Fish Tacos. She was more than happy to pose for us. Photographing the rest of the food was pretty straightforward, and fun for me as I am a big foodie. Everything that I was able to sample was delicious and I could taste why Hope loves the Fish Tacos so much. The Grilled Salmon and Avocado BLT were also favorites of mine.

Grilled Salmon With Fennel Salsa Quinoa And Kale
Grilled salmon with fennel salsa, quinoa and Kale
Fish Tacos With Fries
Fish Tacos with French fries

The food photography was really a fun group collaboration. Allie did a great job helping David set up the studio and recording the selected images that she would put the finishing touches on. Chef Dianna did preparation and plating of the food to be photographed was amazing. Gayle and I worked as art directors, suggesting different angles and elements. David as always did a fantastic job of capturing the images that our client was looking for. In the end, it’s all about teamwork to get the job done and have fun in the process!

Chef Dianna with Gayle and David after the food photography shoot.

By Elyssa Conley