Reflections on A Summer Internship

By Aradhita Saraf


I rang the bell of the Brookline office early this April with hands stuffed in my pockets to hide my jittery nervousness. I was going in for an internship interview with David Fox and Elyssa Conley and it wasn’t just any internship – it was one that was tailor made for me. I left them with a beaming smile and with hopes to come back and join them in their fun. The next three months were a whirlwind of new experiences and opportunities that lifted me off my feet with joy.

I started my first day at work in a room with photographs of Disney characters lining its walls. David is a passionate Disney lover and so am I. Each of the artistically made photographs had a different story to whisper out to me and I lost track of time going through them all. I began familiarizing myself with all David’s other photography passions. I let all his photographs of weddings, bar mitzvah’s, conferences and corporate events tell me their unique story – of people, places and memories, which in return I scribbled down as descriptions for others to read. I learnt of the different forms of artistic and professional photography by glimpsing through David’s uncountable albums to make the tough choice of picking out just three for the day’s upload to Instagram. Watching David hop in and out of the office, I began getting acquainted with how fast a photographers life moves. By the time I met with other professional photographers in the 37 Photographers / One Model gallery show David had participated in, I had begun to get my feet wet in the field and was thrilled to experience what lay ahead of me.

The next few months were comprised of blogging and retelling tales with photographs, recording podcasts, learning Photoshop hacks, attending an all you can eat ice cream festival, visiting the studio and attending shoots, learning about various lenses like the Lensbaby and the wide angled lens, getting the opportunity to study the technicalities of a rare 4 x 5 camera, Friday lunches at Rami’s and enjoying an enriching journey altogether! I completed every task interrupting Elyssa with a multitude of questions as a result of which I learnt something new each time.

Today is my last day as a summer intern here and as I leave with a more enlightened mind and confident self, I would like to thank the whole team for an absolutely wonderful time spent here. This summer of ’16, like every other photograph we make, will be engraved in my mind for a lifetime.

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