The Horizon Where Work Meets Passion

Boston Skyline By AradhitaHaving spent the past three years walking the quiet lanes of Amherst, I was thrilled to experience life in Boston with it’s eighty-four sub-districts, squares and neighborhoods. I thank David and Elyssa for providing me with the opportunity to do so. While the city of Boston opened up its massive doors to majestic harbors, concrete towers bustling with life, and the rolling green of public parks, this internship welcomed me to the world of photography – making me look at the world through my mind’s lens.

The past six weeks have had me put on rollerblades and race with the speed of sound. From taking the wrong bus to Watertown Yard instead of Kenmore and reaching work an hour too late, to stumbling upon restaurants serving the tastes of Ethiopia and Morocco, I have attempted to immortalize each moment with either photographs or words penned down on tissue papers and the backs of subway tickets. There is a thin line of difference in how I spend my off time and work time, and I consider myself fortunate enough to be able to practice my passions whenever I am not sunbathing on the beaches neighboring the city. Elyssa patiently taught me how to chronicle my writings in blog posts, gauge the reaction Bostonians had on our social media feed, and let the perfect amount of light seep in — at just the right  time — to make a good photograph.

Last evening, I was invited by a friend to watch the Chile vs. Colombia soccer match on his rooftop. Standing against the setting sun’s warmth of red and yellow, the first view of Boston’s skyline arching over the horizon of the earth held me captive in timelessness. The towering Prudential Center took center stage, with it’s antennas stretched out towards the clouds, teasing its unparalleled neighbors. My eyes spanned over the expanse of buildings that were dotted with tiny black squares and engulfed by the yellowing glow of the receding sun. One other office building caught my attention, by directly reflecting the sunlight and glistening with the golden-brown shade of well-done toast. Just before the dark of the night began instigating the resting lights of the city and shrouding the sun-kissed tree tops of Fenway Park, I snapped out of my mystified state. I pulled out my iPhone, which, at the time, was the only camera I had, and began capturing the visuals, hoping to put the rest down in words. Elyssa’s short lesson on picture composition — creating a fore, mid and background to an image —helped me capture the colossal darkening trees underlying the horizon as well as the buttermilk sky above it.

Work the next day comprised of critiquing my photographs with Elyssa and letting the experience type itself out in the form of a blog post. When I was almost done writing it out, I began to think of an appropriate title that would catch the reader’s eye.

“Something that ties it all together,” Elyssa said.

“Something that makes people stop scrolling down Facebook on their brightly lit screens and click on our post,” I joined her.

“Someplace where people wish to spend their leisure time in,” she added.

“The horizon where work meets passion?”


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