Where’s Hope? The Inn at Longwood wins the National Stars of the Industry Award

The “Where’s Hope?” project won the National Stars of the Industry Award

“Where’s Hope?” I asked as I arrived with Lauren Owens Lambert at the Inn at Longwood Medical.  It was a beautiful, spring morning and we were looking for the Inn’s famous mascot, Hope the Bear.   We were also looking for Gayle Sinclair, the director of sales and marketing and Brian Stiglets, the general  manager for a very special occasion.  The Where’s Hope? project had just won the National American Hotel and Lodging Stars of the Industry Innovation Award!  To quote Gayle, “this is the for the for the hotel industry.”

We were thrilled for our friends at the Inn at Longwood Medical. We have been involved with the project for a couple of years since we had first met Gayle, the creator of the where’s Hope? project to discuss her vision.  She reached out to David Fox, Photographer to create a video that would bring Hope’s story to life.  Allow me to digress and take you back to the beginning of our story.

On a cold, winter morning in early 2014, David and I met with Gayle Sinclair, at the Inn at Longwood to learn more about her Where’s Hope? project. Hope the Bear is a teddy bear who lives at the Inn and is given to every young patient who stays with family at the Inn at Longwood Medical.  Hope has a great story that warmed our hearts. It started with a poem that was the basis for the video which we went on to create for the Inn.  The video was released on YouTube in December of 2015.

In March of 2016 we were happy to learn that the Where’s Hope? project won the Massachusetts Lodging Association Stars of the Industry Award for the state.  The Stars of the Industry is awarded for outstanding achievements in the lodging industry and to honor employees and venues that best symbolize the quality service of the industry.  We were delighted to photograph the this special occasion.

On  May 17th of 2017, the Where’s Hope? project went on to win on the national level in Washington DC at the American Hotel and Lodging Stars of the Industry Innovation Award. The Where’s Hope? venture defeated winners from all 49 other states in the country!

We are so happy for our colleagues at the Inn at Longwood Medical.  This was such a fun and unique project that and all of us at David Fox, Photographer were really excited about the creation of the Where’s Hope? video. We enjoyed going out on location for the different scenes. Greta Fox produced the video, obtained props for Hope, and envisioned and coordinated the scenes including the one with the Young Doctors.  Lauren Owens Lambert and I had fun with our cameo appearance on the swan boats with Hope.  Even David and Greta’s daughter Lauren got involved and narrated the video. Our video editor at the time, Aaron Morris, did a stellar job putting it all together.  We were really excited when it went up on YouTube In  December, nearly two year after our first meeting.

David  and Greta were sad that they would not be in town to capture the big award photos in person, but they were happy to provide associate photographer Lauren’s services to secure the images for the Inn at Longwood Medicaland everyone involved  this special occasion.